Synchrotron users

Custom solutions for synchrotron users, integrating latest generation detectors, X-ray detectors and tailored optics. Software platform that can run both on Window 10 or Linux. Automation scripts available.

Laboratory surface diffraction system

  • Software and hardware Integration of the latest 2D Pilatus 300 K Dectris detector
  • Microbeam source and optics
  • Fast qualitative analysis on in-situ layer growth
  • In-plane X-ray diffraction

Multi Purpose set-up for thin film analysis from sub nanometer thicknesses to mm on small samples

  • Reflectivity
  • High Resolution X-ray Diffraction
  • In-plane X-ray surface diffraction
  • Reciprocal space maps
  • Grazing incidence fluorescence
  • Dectris Mythen 1D Detector

Open Eulerial Cradle for four circle X-ray diffraction applications

  • Crystalline thin films and bulk samples
  • Wafer mapping up to 200mm
  • Reciprocal Space Maps
  • Texture
  • Stress