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Sirius X-ray Solutions GmbH is a provider of X-ray Analytical Solutions for Material Science and Semiconductor Industries founded in 2015. We are an independent instruments integrator and we work together with established suppliers. We offer complete laboratory solutions to synchrotron users in the area of thin films, surface and in situ – characterization and services in X-ray diffraction analysis.

Laboratory surface diffraction system

  • Software and hardware Integration of the latest 2D PILATUS R 300 K Dectris detector
  • Microbeam source and optics
  • Fast qualitative analysis on in-situ layer growth
  • In-plane X-ray diffraction

Multi Purpose set-up for thin film analysis

  • Reflectivity
  • High Resolution X-ray Diffraction
  • In-plane X-ray surface diffraction
  • Reciprocal space maps
  • Grazing incidence fluorescence
  • Dectris MYTHEN R 1D Detector

Open Eulerial Cradle for 4 circle X-ray diffraction applications

  • Crystalline thin films and bulk samples
  • Wafer mapping up to 200mm
  • Reciprocal Space Maps
  • Texture
  • Stress

X-ray Thin Film Analysis

X-ray thin film analysis provides valuable informa-tion about the thickness, density, interface roughness, lattice strain, strain relaxation and compositional variations of thin films and multilayers
using different techniques, e.g.,  X-ray Reflectifity and Gracing Incidence X-ray Scattering.

X-ray Diffraction Analysis

X-ray diffraction analysis provides a wide variety of information about the struc-ture of crystalline and amor-phous materials. Sirius XRS  uses  state-of-the-art XRD techniques for phase identi-fication and determi-nation of, e.g., residual stresses, lattice distortions and dis-order, degree of crystal-linity and structure of  glasses.

High Resolution X-ray Diffraction

Rocking curves measure-ments and reciprocal space mapping are high-resolution X-ray diffraction methods for determination of peak dis-placement and broadening of the Bragg peaks due to lattice strain, dislocations or compositional variations, e.g., in semiconductor epitaxial layers and  quantum dots.


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